Can I take my dog to Spain?

If you are planning on moving to Spain and you wish to bring your dog with you, you will be pleased to know that this is possible! Your pet companion can come with you and it is a relatively straightforward process. However, you should find out all the regulations applicable to animals from your point of origin and organise the required paperwork before you travel. First and foremost, to enter Spain, your dog will require a passport that proves he/she is fit and healthy to travel. The paperwork you require for a passport to be issued will depend on your country of origin but it will have details such as ownership information, description of the animal, veterinarian details, microchip information, rabies and other vaccination certificates and more. 


You will need to start the process of obtaining your pet passport with an accredited veterinarian who will make sure that the dog fulfils all the requirements and give them an overall health check, issuing the corresponding certificate before being able to complete the passport booklet. Then it’s time to plan your journey! If you are travelling by public transport, check company policy and requirements for carriage of pets when booking your ticket.