Penthouses for sale in Benidorm

Benidorm is one of the most cosmopolitan resorts in Spain, a really popular destination among tourists and a place you could call home. This substantially developed coastline offers a full range of accommodation types and architectural styles, spoiling you for choice.

Choose the type of property you are interested in, the number of rooms you would like your future home to have, or even the language in which you want us to work together.

Apartments, Penthouses

From 783.000 €

Apartments, Penthouses

From 377.600 €

Apartments, Penthouses

From 995.000 €

An innovative process enabling you to find the penthouse of your dreams

Here at Breezom, our entire property acquisition process revolves around you, the customer; placing your needs at the core of the search and prioritising what is important to you. Therefore, you will be participating in each stage of the process and every step of the way. You will be able to control and personalize every aspect of your property or the way you want us to handle your search and find.

Breezom offers you the most exquisite and fashionable penthouses available in Benidorm. All our dwellings are fully equipped with the latest technology and furnished with stunning, yet practical décor chosen to fulfil all your needs. Likewise, Breezom invites you to check out the best balconies in town, guaranteed to make your days more enjoyable from sunrise to sunset.

Benidorm: from fishing village to sophisticated resort

The antique fishing village of the early 1960’s has turned into a resort with something for everyone. Whether you want a home from home or a true Spanish experience, Pilates on the beach or dancing till dawn, a quiet family ambience or the international hustle and bustle on the seafront, you are sure to find it in Benidorm.

This emblematic town will entrap you with its charms, convincing you this is the place for your new beginning.

Not yet convinced? Take a look at Benidorm’s famous beaches - Levante, Poniente, Mas Plas or Cala de Finestrat, to name but a few. They could be on the doorstep of your future new penthouse.

Breezom and Benidorm have a lot more to offer to you, however, than just penthouses near the beach. The large downtown district also offers a wide range of polished apartments in different styles and unit sizes. Check out our website for further details.

Modern seaside penthouse apartments for sale in Benidorm, the opportunity of a lifetime

Think about this amazing place and all it has to offer. This is the perfect time to take the leap, don’t miss this opportunity!

The select penthouses we have included on our website are some of the most spectacular the town has to offer. Let us put our experience at your disposal and help you decide. There’s no time to waste! A great future in a wonderful place is just a few clicks away.


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