Villas for sale in Manacor

If you are looking to make a sound investment in one of the Spanish Mediterranean’s most beautiful islands, the villas for sale in Manacor, in the Balearic islands, are an excellent opportunity.

Manacor is the second most important town in Majorca, and it is so overwhelmingly beautiful you will be hooked right from the word go. It is situated on the eastern part of the island, 50 km from the capital and its international airport.

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The elegant town of Manacor in the Balearic Islands

Manacor includes the villages of Son Macià, Son Negre, Manacor city, Porto Cristo and Port de Manacor: they are an important tourist and holiday centres on the island.

The heart of the town, the pedestrianised boulevard and the weekly market make this picturesque destination a pleasant and peaceful place to live all year round and a perfect holiday destination. The beaches can be enjoyed most of the year due to the island’s generally mild weather, although summer is undoubtedly the best season. These months allow you the pleasure of swimming and practising other water sports in the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

The wide array of restaurants, some with a history dating back over 50 years, are the perfect alternative to try out some of the local Majorcan gastronomy.

Discover the fincas in Manacor

Contact our specialists and seize the moment to invest in one of the towns in the Balearic Islands in the throes of expansion in the premium quality sector. Manacor is the perfect place to search for sound real estate opportunities for both Spanish and foreign investors.

We offer you a choice between some of the unique villas for sale in the region. They are situated in residential areas surrounded by parks and nature, plus, they are close to the most beautiful beaches, coves and prominent 18-hole golf courses.

Discover the elegance and sophistication of the villas in Manacor. These fantastic new-build properties are in quiet and harmonious districts, the perfect place to start a new life and enjoy the pleasant Balearic-Island lifestyle.

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Find your next villa in Manacor with our online service and experience a comfortable life in the Spanish Mediterranean.

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We are here to help, at your pace. In addition to in-person viewings (available at all the developments), we offer facilities for virtual tours and video calls for certain units and developments. And, once your search is successful, we wrap up all the legal arrangements and paperwork to finalise your acquisition.

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