At Breezom, we aim to engage and involve you, the buyer, in a more accessible and more forthright real estate experience. From the moment you choose a project on our website, an independent real estate agent in Spain will be assigned to you, free of charge, who will accompany you all along the way. Always.

Our goal is that you find your dream home and you enjoy the process until you fall in love with that home you are looking for, even before viewing it. To achieve this, your assigned real estate agent will rally you, they will build a deep insight into your needs and tastes and show you everything you need to find your home.

We want you to feel comfortable with that person who will be accompanying you on this important search; they will speak your own language and have the right experience and expert market knowledge to give you suitable advice and guidance.This real estate agent will take all the time you need to answer your questions and give you all the necessary information. If you want to change advisor, you can do so whenever you wish. We will assign you a new agent upon your request.

At Breezom, you are the leading figure in your own story. We are committed to and support you, to help you bring your decisions to life. We are here by your side.

Agents in the Costa del Sol