Apartments for sale in Casares

Casares, an inland corner of Malaga a few kilometres away from Estepona, has become one of the best places to live, especially if you are looking for tranquillity and relaxation on the Costa del Sol. However, to find an apartment in Casares, it must be you who decides each and every step of the way. With Breezom, you have the power of choice.

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Lotus Doña Julia


256.500 €

Solemar Casares


262.000 €

La Sabina


325.000 €

Doña Julia Golf Views


144.900 €

Royal Casares


Casas del Mar


Your home in Casares Beach, halfway between Malaga and Cadiz

If you enjoy the sun and the scent of salt water, but you prefer the calmness of inland villages to the bustle of the seafront, a house in Casares will bring you all you are looking for to begin your new adventure on the Costa del Sol.

A few kilometres away from Estepona and only minutes away from the province of Cadiz, this town is, by all definitions, a whitewashed Andalusian village. Buying a property in Casares is an investment in quality of life, hours of sunshine, and tranquillity. It is everything anyone could wish for, either as a second home or as a new main residence where to make a fresh start after a lifetime working or capitalising on the benefits of remote work.

At Breezom, we provide you with everything you need to find just what you are looking for. Moreover, we have the most complete catalogue of apartments for sale in Casares. You’ll be able to find exactly the kind of home you want to live in, and we also make it easy for you to find the law firm that best suits you to ensure a successful purchasing process.

Dwellings made for you in Casares, Costa del Sol

Whether you want a flat, an apartment or a similar property in Casares, the Breezom team will not stop until we find exactly what you were looking for. And if at any time you want a different agent, you decide when and it is done.

For us, your peace of mind and satisfaction comes first. This is why all decisions are up to you at every stage of the process.

You only need to tell us what you have in mind for your new apartment in Casares or Casares Beach and the conditions you are willing to accept. We will take care of the rest. This town is the perfect place to enjoy your holidays, your golden years’ retreat, your remote work or a new life in the South of Spain.

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