Villas for sale in Santa Eulalia des Riu

With Breezom discover some of the most exclusive villas for sale in Santa Eulalia des Riu (Ibiza). Our online portal will allow you to find the property that best suits your needs and desired lifestyle.

In this lively family-town residents and foreigners live together as a community. It is an excellent environment for practising water sports, hiking, and walking. This friendly locality takes advantage of the benefits of the pleasant Mediterranean climate all year round and enjoys the incredible countryside of the Balearic Islands.


From 3.800.000 €

The vibrant life in Santa Eulalia des Riu

Santa Eulalia des Riu is a charming, family-friendly seaside town, located fifteen kilometres from the capital. The pleasant climate invites you to experience its beaches and the magic of a town with a rich history. The architectural complex of Puig de Missa and its panoramic views of the whole area are just some of its main attractions. Plus, the many bars and restaurants allow you to taste the local cuisine and enjoy this small town’s quiet nightlife.

Santa Eulalia des Riu has a population of about 40,000 permanent residents, of which almost 40% are foreigners, who have chosen this lovely town because of its beautiful sunsets and the better quality of life that comes with living by the sea. It offers the perfect mix between a relaxed small town and the exciting tourism of the Balearic Islands.

The villas in Santa Eulalia des Riu

If you are searching for a secluded place facing the sea but close to the main tourist spots of the Balearic Islands, we invite you to browse the villas in Santa Eulalia des Riu offered by Breezom. Located just a short drive or walk from the downtown districts and in the area close to Santa Eulalia’s main beaches, you will find some of the cosiest and most comfortable villas in town.

Villas in Santa Eulalia des Riu are modern constructions adapted to the demands of today's market but designed to be in harmony and respectful with the surrounding natural environment. These properties have all the comforts and facilities, and they are an excellent opportunity to invest in your future in Spain and create a new lifestyle by the Mediterranean Sea.

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