Penthouses for sale in Malaga

You can find the penthouse you have always dreamed of, and your first port of call is Breezom, the go-to website for exclusive properties in Spain and comprehensive services.

On our website, you will find extensive listings of stunning, modern penthouses for sale in Malaga with sensational views of the Costa del Sol. Start your search for a pearl by the Mediterranean Sea with us; your future penthouse in Malaga awaits.

Apartments, Penthouses
Apartments, Penthouses

From 648.000 €

Sophisticated penthouses for sale in Malaga

The sleek style and comforts of the penthouses we offer you are unique. Their design and specifications were screened to meet strict quality criteria; that is our top priority, so you will only have to decide which penthouse best fits your preferences and lifestyle.

Breezom offers you the chance to find a home in one of the most idyllic places in Spain.

In Malaga, you will find some of the most spectacular city beaches in Spain. So, you won’t want to miss an opportunity like this.

Think of the marvellous views you will enjoy from the balconies and windows of your penthouse in Malaga. Imagine the magical feel of the Mediterranean Sea infusing your home. And don't forget the prospects of the beach near your penthouse, and the bewitching lights of the city skyline illuminating your summer nights.

You will have the chance to discover a new way of living and enjoy a lot of new and exciting experiences and activities all in one place. Malaga is a bustling, vibrant city full of things to do and to explore, and how better to do so than having your own home there.

Easy way of getting the home perfect for you

We offer you the easiest way of locating the perfect penthouse to meet your needs and match your tastes. Prepare to begin a marvellous journey to discover the best features all our penthouses have to offer using our website search filters.

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At Breezom, our measure of success is our clients’ satisfaction, and no detail is too small to warrant our attention. Please feel free to ask for as much information as you require or request a virtual tour and/or the necessary viewings and walk-throughs to assure you are fully convinced before you buy.

Let our team of experts address all your concerns and deal with all the paperwork. There is a penthouse in Malaga that is ideal for you. Allow the Breezom team to accompany you and take the stress out of your search; experience the new real estate paradigm. You won’t regret it!

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