Townhouses for sale in Llucmajor

With Breezom, you can discover some remarkable houses for sale in Llucmajor (Balearic Islands). Our easy-to-use website allows you to easily find properties in some of the town’s most stunning spots. If you decide to buy your next property with us, we can guarantee you a pleasant experience and our team will help you find a townhouse that meets all your requirements.

Situated in the south of the island of Majorca, Llucmajor is a town with privileged weather and incredible landscapes. Just a short drive from blissful beaches fanned by Mediterranean sea breezes and the island’s capital, this is an ideal location.

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Llucmajor, a town full of history and wonder

The town of Llucmajor and its surroundings are the perfect place if you enjoy a quieter lifestyle, away from major tourist towns. Although modern, the town maintains its traditional authenticity through architecture, culture and more. It is worth visiting some of the historic points of interest, such as the 16th-century towers or the nearby village of Capocorb Vell and its prehistoric ruins.

For those nature lovers, the south coast of Majorca has some incredible beaches, coves, and cliffs, as well as over 400 kilometres of cycle routes to explore. On some of the beaches like Sa Cova Baixa or Cala Pi, you can even find natural rock pools, where you can have a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters while enjoying amazing coastal views.

Finding houses for sale in Llucmajor

If you enjoy a quieter lifestyle and incredible warm weather, buying a house in Llucmajor might be an excellent opportunity for you and your family. These tastefully designed homes are built in excellent locations and feature large comfortable spaces filled with sunlight and the latest fixtures and fitted appliances.

These new-build developments are available on our website and open to receive viewings, which you can coordinate with a team member. Located only 25 kilometres from the capital and its international airport, you will be close to all the services and amenities you need but with a change of pace, away from the island’s busiest areas.

A personalised service to meet your purchasing criteria

The personalised service Breezom offers to buyers and investors can help you find select houses in the most upscale coastal development areas in southern Spain and its Mediterranean islands. Our team provides high-quality assistance to help you analyse the current trends in the Spanish real estate market, allowing you to find the right property based on your requirements and purchasing criteria.

The assistance we offer to customers includes one-to-one meetings in any of our twelve working languages, the handling of any associated paperwork and arranging viewing tours of any properties you might be interested in. Ask our agents as some of the developments also offer virtual tours, saving you time and giving you a feel for the property from wherever you are in the world.

Start your search by using the browser on our website and choosing your preferred property type and location. You will be spoiled for choice with the wide selection of townhouses we have listed!

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