Apartments for sale in Javea

Join us at Breezom to discover a new way of finding the perfect apartment for you in Javea, in the Marina Alta region of the Mediterranean coast.

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Apartments, Penthouses

From 325.000 €

Apartments, Penthouses

From 236.000 €

The picturesque community of Javea

With Breezom’s support and assistance, you will find a wide selection of apartments on the Mediterranean coast, so you can enjoy all the privileges and comforts this area has to offer.

To start your search, you can use the filters on our website search engine to profile the apartments listed in Javea by location, area, or any requirement you may prefer.

The picturesque community of Javea has numerous properties for sale with stunning views from every angle of the bay. The apartments for sale in Javea offer you natural landscapes and peaceful surroundings, near the downtown district or by the coast; any of these options are great for establishing your permanent residence or second home and a sound investment opportunity.

New-build apartments for sale in Javea

With the Mediterranean coast at your feet, you will feel like you are living in a dream, beautiful beaches, golden sand, turquoise waters, cool sea breezes, and airy, light apartments with the best commodities and amenities.

Any of these Javea properties was built and designed to the best quality specifications, assuring your utmost comfort. The apartments selected and listed for sale in Javea on the Breezom website fit perfectly into their surroundings. You will therefore not only have a top-quality home, you will have an entire space in harmony with the environment.

Design, comfort, nature, amenities, and beautiful views shape the home you need and deserve. What are you waiting for? Breezom will accompany you throughout the entire process. Always.

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