Apartments for sale in Majorca

Breezom has a substantial number of apartments for sale in Majorca, a spectacular island in the Mediterranean Sea, which you could someday call home.

Breezom’s team is vastly experienced in guiding our clients to choosing the home that is right for them. If you have ever dreamed of living on a paradisiac island surrounded by deep blue waters, at Breezom you will have the chance of making it come true.

Apartments, Penthouses

From 270.500 €

Apartments, Penthouses

From 706.000 €


From 412.000 €

Different lifestyles, characteristics, and features

On our website, you will find a variety of filters to search for the right type of property for you. Each of these properties implies different lifestyles, characteristics, and features.

Majorca’s vast property market means you will undoubtedly be able to tick every item on your wish-list and be spoiled for choice. At Breezom, we offer the luxury of choosing the right place for you with confidence.

Majorca apartments for sale with natural landscapes

The island of Majorca has a wide range of apartments for you catering for all tastes and lifestyles. If you enjoy running by the beach, you can choose from among the various beachside apartments with a sea view listed on our website. Or alternatively, you may like to check out one of the villas near the coast, so you can combine your athletic lifestyle with the natural surroundings in a perfect match.

Furthermore, all these different types of properties and buildings available on the coast of Majorca offer modern features, comfortable areas and services, and local amenities for your enjoyment.

You now know exactly what opting for Breezom means. It is not only a way of choosing a new home, Breezom is an exclusive way of finding the right home for each buyer, in which their needs are pivotal every step of the way. And by no means less important, it is a friendly, stress-free way of determining the perfect home for someone.

What you are looking for in Majorca

Tell us your preferences, what you are looking for in your future home, and we will guide you, providing solutions throughout each stage of the process. A perfect apartment is waiting for you in Majorca, and you will find it with us.

Time is precious and should not be wasted. Let us help you take full advantage of yours: give us a profile of your preferred type of properties and the features, location, setting, style, and everything else that is important to you and start the journey to your new home in the Balearic Islands.

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