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With Breezom you will find some of the best penthouses for sale in Torrox. All the properties listed on our website are new-builds located in exclusive sites in the south of Spain. When choosing to use our online property service, you receive guidance and personalised assistance throughout the acquisition process.

These outstanding properties are located in Torrox, in the region of Andalusia, widely known for its natural beauty. This small, quiet town is the perfect place for those looking to get away from busy city life. It also has one of the best climates in Europe – the surrounding mountains protect the area from cold northerly winds thus creating a warm and enjoyable microclimate.

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A place of natural beauty

Torrox is a one-of-a-kind municipality. Inland, you can find Torrox Pueblo, or the old town with whitewashed houses where you can experience traditional Spanish culture. Just a short drive from town, right on the coast, you have Torrox Costa, where most of the modern developments are located.

Whether you come to Torrox Costa or Pueblo, this place is known for its laid back way of life. It is definitely a suitable place for families or couples due to its welcoming atmosphere, friendly locals, and informal ambience. Most people come here to relax, slow down and enjoy the natural landscapes and beaches in the area.

Stunning new penthouses in Torrox Costa

The new developments available in Torrox have a contemporary feel, with modern designs and the best views around. From the wide pane windows, you will see beautiful leafy green mountains or a deep blue ocean scenery every day.

The new-build penthouses listed on our website are located in upscale areas, but in a place like Torrox you will still get a small-town feel and a taste of the real Spanish experience. These properties are close to all basic services plus trendy restaurants, stunning beaches, and resorts where you will find activities catering for every taste!

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