New-build penthouses for sale on the Costa Blanca

On the Breezom website, you will find an extensive list of penthouses waiting for you on the Costa Blanca. Here, you will locate the right home for your lifestyle, tastes, and preferences.

Our team offers you the luxury of choosing the perfect home for you from the convenience of your computer.




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From 325.000 €

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From 317.950 €

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From 251.000 €

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From 380.000 €

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Using the filters on our website, you can search by specifying characteristics, such as the number of bathrooms or bedrooms, your investment budget, and all the features you are looking for in your dream home.

The exclusive penthouses screened and listed by Breezom are designed for you to feel in perfect harmony with your surroundings. You will take in stunning landscapes from any of your windows. Imagine having a cup of coffee and enjoying the view of the peaceful sea with the waves lapping over the sand. Imagine living only a few blocks away from the downtown of one of the most breath-taking cities on the Costa Blanca.

One of these could be yours; kick off your search and our team will guide you through this exciting process.

The Costa Blanca: a paradise at your fingertips

All the exclusive penthouses available on the Breezom website come with home comforts, local amenities, and are fully furnished with smart, modern décor. Start looking for the home of your dreams today; with Breezom, it is possible to find the ideal home with a perfect view in an idyllic location.

The Costa Blanca’s natural landscapes will make all your mornings a dream come to life. Residing on the Costa Blanca you could start your day walking on the golden sandy beach, becoming bronzed under the warm rays of the sun, or revel in the cool sea breeze of the Mediterranean at sunset. All these things could be part of your daily routine if you decide to look for your future home with Breezom.

Our team will gladly accompany you, providing you with the necessary professional support as you make your way to taking the right decision for your future. Choosing the right home, with the right commodities for you and in the right location to make a better life, the life you have actively been seeking.

Breezom will answer all your questions and help you narrow down a selection of homes so you can then choose the one best suited to your needs, close to the sea, and with all the amenities you don’t want to forego.

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