Apartments for sale in Orihuela

As a customer-oriented website with an innovative market approach, Breezom has a wide variety of properties if you are looking for your new home in Spain, whether it be for personal enjoyment or investment purposes.

Breezom has many properties waiting for you in Orihuela. Enter our website and check out the photos, computer graphics, and video tours to help you choose the home that is for you.


From 185.950 €

Apartments, Penthouses

From 204.000 €


From 175.000 €

Apartments, Penthouses

From 280.000 €

Stunning views from Orihuela Costa

The apartments listed by Breezom are located in spectacular settings, surrounded by historical landscapes, a natural environment, and near cosmopolitan cities and pretty villages. These properties give you the chance to enjoy the blend of cultures and modernity with all the commodities in a place dreams are made of.

Each property has special features so you can decide on the perfect option to cover all your needs. If you prefer wide-open spaces and being within a quick walk of the beach, a good fit for you might be a home with a terrace and a balcony, so you can enjoy the refreshing sea breeze coming into your home.

On the other hand, if you prefer exclusive locations near the city and near all the commodities downtown has to offer, a flat or an apartment may be a better alternative for you. Check out all the options the Breezom search engine has for you and make your choice!

Comfortable properties in Orihuela

All the apartments and flats, Breezom has listed for you, include all the comforts, local amenities, and modern equipment needed to make your life easy and practical, as well as enjoyable.

Choose Breezom for your new home in Orihuela

Breezom combines the speed and celerity of online services with the engagement of accompanying you on the marvellous journey of choosing the right home for your future. Our website offers you a range of options, from near the port to downtown, the choice is yours!

There are many stages in the decision-making process leading up to your final choice, but don’t worry Breezom will be beside you every step of the way.

Tell us all your doubts, questions, and the key aspects you are looking for in a dream home and we will give you all the solutions in a specific filter, by category, location, city, and type of building.

Breezom’s team will be happy to help you and make you feel confident about your choice. Let us know what you are looking for, and we’ll give you all the alternatives!

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