Townhouses for sale in Casares

Our website offers some unique townhouses for sale in Casares. We have a wide range of houses for sale in the area with both mountain and seaside views. If you are interested in acquiring property in this beautiful part of Spain, contact our specialist team.

Casares is a breath-taking town situated on the crest of a hill. You can easily see the whitewashed houses and the ancient castle at the very top. This small but stunning town is situated in the western sector of the Costa del Sol region where you will find beautiful beaches, a benign climate, friendly people and amazing food.

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Casares and its spectacular surroundings

One of the most picturesque small towns in Spain, Casares stands out for its unique architecture and significant historical value. The classic beauty of this town reminds us of simpler times when people led a more relaxed lifestyle. With only 3,000 residents, this magical place is perfect to slow down and get away from busy city life.

Casares has all the characteristics of a rural village with all the modern amenities you need. Inland you can find the original town, with lots of local restaurants, cafes and charming, traditional churches. The coast is just a 20-minute drive away. Here you will not only find white sandy beaches, but also some exclusive properties for sale along with high-end restaurants and a golf course.

Houses for sale to suit your lifestyle

These properties are surrounded by stunning natural landscapes where you will have a wide range of outdoor activities to match your tastes. You can stroll through the charming town of whitewashed houses and sit down at any of the many local restaurants. The great outdoors is at your disposal as the good weather in general means you can go on hikes or spend time at the beach most of the year.

On our property service website, you will find houses for sale that will suit your every need. The fully equipped townhouses for sale in Casares are built to enable you to enjoy some of the best views on the Mediterranean. Additionally, they come with the modern technology you need while experiencing the traditional feel of a small Spanish town.

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