Townhouses for sale in Velez-Malaga

Discover some of the unique townhouses for sale we have listed in Vélez-Málaga on our online property service. At Breezom, you can find your ideal property; all you have to do is contact our specialised team. We are available to help you purchase the house of your dreams, the one that meets your preferences.

Vélez-Málaga is a quiet yet buoyant spot where you can explore all that nature has to offer within minutes from your house. You will be able to enjoy all the town’s amenities such as restaurants and markets any day of the week while overlooking striking mountains or sandy beaches.


From 456.500 €

Stunning Properties in Vélez-Málaga

Check out these fully equipped townhouses in Vélez-Málaga where you will be able to enjoy all the comfort this place has to offer. These superb properties have a modern feel and come with state-of-the-art appliances, spacious rooms and large windows that overlook the amazing landscape. You will have a choice of both mountain and seaside views from these properties.

At Breezom, you will find new-build townhouses in an affluent area while getting the small-town feel for a true Spanish experience. This peaceful town is the perfect place to invest and buy property for families or couples looking for a wonderful place to unwind.

Vélez-Málaga a relaxing town

This is a popular town visited by many tourists and expats. It offers some of the best natural surroundings Costa del Sol has to offer. Lots of Europeans and Brits come here to enjoy the incredible natural sights and the authentic local cuisine. In Vélez-Malaga you will be able to visit its historical and heritage sites, such as the ancient fortress or some of the many museums or traditional churches that give the town its unique feel.

If you enjoy the great outdoors, you will also be able to find some hidden hiking trails which you can explore all year round. During the warmer months just come down and enjoy the long beach days or practise some of the many water sports that are available on the sandy coast. Furthermore, there is a wide range of restaurants, bars and pubs overlooking the Mediterranean.

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