Villas for sale in Alicante

The time for your dreams to become true has arrived. Let Breezom join you on your journey to discover the home of your future, the home you deserve, the one that is awaiting you in Alicante, Spain.

Breezom has an extensive listing of villas for sale in Alicante, a city on the Mediterranean coast with much to offer you. Start by taking a look at the Breezom website and tell us about your preferences, your taste in homes, and all the characteristics a villa has to have to become yours.


From 1.150.000 €


From 378.000 €

Villas with amazing views for sale in Alicante

The villas Breezom has listed on its website have the best views in the city. You can choose between taking in an ancient castle, the natural hills and valleys, the stunning city of Alicante, or looking out over the Mediterranean Sea. Which do you prefer?

Alicante is a multifaceted city with all the commodities of a metropolitan space and the advantages of being in one of the most beautiful enclaves on the planet, the Mediterranean coast.

All the villas in Alicante, Costa Blanca, reflect the charming style of this age-old, gentle country. You will feel in the right place. Worried about the weather? You don’t have to be. Get ready to live a perpetual spring.

Comfort adapted to you

live in the environment you please. At Breezom, we take care of every detail, so that in addition to offering light, airy homes with generous footages, you will immediately recognise their superior quality specifications, setting them apart from what the market generally has to offer.

And don’t forget about all the amenities, the equipped community areas, and the marvellous surroundings. All these features also make your future home.

To make your decision easier, on our website you will find photos and virtual viewings of the villas we have listed in Alicante. This is the perfect way to make up your mind, but you can also opt for an in-person guided tour if you are in the location.

The choice is yours! Let the Breezom team know if you have any queries or doubts, and we’ll answer you right away! Your perfect villa is waiting for you in Alicante; start your search today!

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