Villas for sale on the Balearic Islands

When you start to search for villas in the Balearics, you begin a journey to discover your true preferences and define what you really need from your new property.

For this journey you will need the support of an expert, and that is what you get when you start your search with us. At Breezom, our highly trained team will attend to all your requirements, focusing solely on your preferences, tastes, assigned investment budget, and preferred locations.

Santa Eulalia des Riu



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From 3.800.000 €

Apartments, Penthouses, Townhouses, Villas

From 477.000 €


From 840.000 €


From 1.050.000 €

Apartments, Villas

Luxurious villas in the Balearics just for you

Are you considering a villa on the Balearic Islands? If that is the case, we have an extensive list of options for you; browse through them at your own pace and your dream will soon start to take shape.

On our website, you will find numerous villas of this kind. From a hilltop location to one right on the beach: where does your inclination lie?

Sensational views from your future home

Any of the villas we have listed for you offer a magnificent view to share with your loved ones; they will appreciate the magical surroundings at any time of the day.

Villas with terraces, balconies, and stunning views of the natural surroundings of the Balearic Islands is what you need to feel complete. Enjoy the most beautiful beaches, charming towns, and modern cities, all in one place; just choose your island and begin to plan your future life there.

Nature and comfort are cardinal for your happiness and well-being

In addition to the natural landscapes around your villa, you will likewise be able to enjoy the most vibrant experiences because to ensure your comfort, your home is fully equipped with features and commodities essential to your lifestyle.

Breezom will help you to make this transition smooth and enjoyable. Our team has the necessary experience to guide you to your perfect villa, your perfect home, your perfect investment. We will help you decide on the right island for you and the most suitable location to cover all your needs at the same time.

Let us know how we can make your experience easier; we are here to help in every way we can!

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