Moving to Spain: Things you need to know

If you are thinking of moving to Spain, Breezom will give you some useful pointers for this new adventure! There are many reasons people decide to make their way to this Mediterranean country, such as its warm weather, stunning wildlife and landscapes. This country also has a rich food culture and is famed for its high quality produce. The Mediterranean diet is well-known for promoting a long and healthy life.

Moving to Spain from England can offer some highly sought-after lifestyle changes for many people looking for a quieter and more relaxed way to live. Still need convincing? It might be easier than you think.


The 7 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid when Moving to Spain

For EU citizens, moving to Spain can be straightforward. You will be able to legally live here, buy property, work and have access to free public healthcare. But for EU and non-EU citizens alike, there are a few things to bear in mind when moving to Spain:

  1. Keep on top of the paperwork

    Make sure that you have your documents in order when you move. Some of them will prove useful once you arrive and some may be required when requesting a visa from your embassy. For example, if you are planning to move to Spain with a dog, certain trámites, or administrative procedures, may require a pet vaccination certificate amongst other formalities. While requirements vary for different countries of origin and destinations (autonomous regions) in Spain, it will save you a lot of hassle and stress if you know where to obtain the relevant documents you need!

  2. Visit your local immigration office (Oficina de Extranjería) within the first three months of your stay

    Here you may have to present a valid passport or photo-ID; substantiating documents to prove your financial situation, such as employment information, savings or your retirement fund; proof of your national health care (an EHIC card will suffice); proof of address. This will grant you a residence certificate or card that includes your personal information: name, nationality, address and a Foreigners Identity Number or NIE (pronounced phonetically as nee-yay). Further information can be found on Spain’s Ministry for Inclusion, Social Security and Migration webpage.

  3. Understand Spain’s tax regulations

    Invest some time in looking into Spain’s tax regulations before your move. You will find useful information, and there are countless expat blogs and forums online to help you understand what’s what in the Spanish tax system.

  4. Open a local bank account

    This is sure to make life a lot easier! A local bank account will make things like obtaining a credit card, paying for private health insurance and getting your salary paid a lot easier! You’ll also avoid paying fees each time you withdraw money from an ATM.

  5. Learn (at least) some Spanish

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that you’ll get by with English as a lingua franca. The Spanish language is an intrinsic part of Spanish culture, and residents are bound to appreciate you making an effort to speak their language. It will help make your everyday routine easier, enable you to make friends outside the expat community and to fully appreciate Spanish arts and civilization. You won’t regret investing in some lessons or trying one of the many language-learning apps available.

  6. Embrace the culture

    Make sure that you are open to adapting to local customs and lifestyle! Spanish people are generally enthusiastic, open-minded, and laid back. You will notice cultural patterns, like the fact that they generally speak louder than their European neighbours (although not quite as loudly as Italians). Spaniards often greet people with a kiss on each cheek, rather than shaking hands. Let yourself enjoy the upbeat, carefree pace of the Spanish lifestyle! After all, this is probably one of the reasons why you are thinking of moving to Spain.

  7. Network

    Networking with other expats and locals after you move is key to enjoying your life in Spain. Making friends from different cultures and backgrounds will help learn and understand how everything works locally. Your new acquaintances can give you the best advice and tips while you get used to your surroundings. Get ready to come out of your shell! Joining a club or attending events is a surefire way to develop a community in your new home.

With all of these tips to hand, you’ll be ready to start enjoying the Spanish lifestyle in no time!

Moving to Spain after Brexit

Moving to Spain after Brexit has been slightly different since October 2020, but Spaniards still welcome Brits that want to move to their beautiful country. Administrative procedures take a little longer, and you will require a visa. But don’t be discouraged! With some tips from Breezom, you can join the almost 300,000 British residents who are embracing the Spanish lifestyle.

Moving to Spain from the UK: checklist of essentials

If you are moving to Spain from the UK, take a look at our checklist:

  • Gather your valid documents and translations (passport/photo ID, visa/residency application, proof of income (retirement fund or pension status), birth certificates, etc)
  • Research where you want to live
  • Research the cost of living, and budget accordingly
  • Search for housing with Breezom
  • Get your empadronamiento, or proof of address, as soon as possible
  • Open a Spanish bank account
  • Get a local SIM card
  • Travel and visit local tourist attractions

Spain is full of beautiful places and vibrant native and expat communities which warmly welcome new residents. At Breezom, we can help you find your ideal home by offering you a personalised online property service. Our team wants to understand exactly what you are looking for, in order to make bespoke recommendations. Let us help you find your perfect property to make your experience of moving to Spain as pleasant as possible!