Can Brits buy property in Spain?

You might wonder if British nationals can acquire property in Spain, especially after Brexit. The answer is yes! The right to buy and own property in Spain is not restricted to Spanish or European nationals. Anyone able to pay the price of a property can become a homeowner in this Mediterranean country. Furthermore, the costs of buying property are not affected by your nationality. Bear in mind, however, that the process in Spain differs from the UK and 

you will need to accredit the source of the funds used to buy the property, purchase taxes, notary fees, property or land registry and other expenses such as legal fees.

If you are already looking to buy a property and need to finance your new acquisition, there are a variety of UK banks that offer international financial services to clients. You could potentially get a mortgage for your new project in Spain. Be aware, however,  that if you are interested in buying-to-rent you will be taxed slightly differently than an EU national. The income tax on rental revenues for Europeans is currently levied at around 19%. After Brexit, British citizens started paying 24%, the same amount as any other non-EU citizen.