Can I get a mortgage for a property abroad?

Many people looking to purchase their new dream home in Spain require a mortgage to be able to finance this long-term investment. Whether you are wanting to buy a permanent home, make a sound investment or get that holiday home which you can personally enjoy but also rent out, there are many reasons for wanting property in this beautiful country. If you are not a Spanish national or resident, getting a mortgage here in Spain might be more difficult, but there are many options such as international loans you can get from reputable lenders. 

These are called overseas mortgages, which you can take out on a property as long as it is not in your country of residence. They can be approved by a local bank or an overseas lender in Spain. Your decision will ultimately depend on your financial situation, personal preference and the interest rates being offered at any particular time. As the latter can vary quite considerably, make sure you research your options thoroughly before reaching a decision.