Can I get a mortgage if I am self-employed and abroad?

As the world becomes more and more interconnected and many companies are starting to hire remote workers, it is easier to earn a living regardless of where you are based. This opens up a lot of opportunities to travel and live abroad, but having a foreign income can make it more difficult to get a mortgage. However, some lenders are willing to give you the loan, so do not assume you will get rejected beforehand. However, it is likely that as part of their risk management processes as a self-employed professional you will have to provide more evidence that you have a reliable source of income than borrowers with more stable revenues.

If you can provide reliable evidence that you have sufficient income and mortgage lenders can rest assured you will be able to afford your repayments, your application will probably be successful. To qualify any lender will ask you to provide bank statements and any other proof of income for at least the previous 6 months. Some banks also charge higher interest due to the higher risk involved in giving a loan to self-employed workers. They could also impose tougher conditions demanding higher initial deposits. However, if you have a good credit score you could be on track to getting a mortgage.