How to get Spanish citizenship?

Spain is a wonderful country full of history, culture, exceptional weather and beautiful natural surroundings. It is no surprise that many people from around the world would like to get Spanish citizenship. There are a few different ways you can become a national and get your much-desired passport: by residency, meaning having lived enough years in the country; by marrying a Spanish citizen; by being a descendant or grandchild of a national; and lastly through your children (by option). 

The most frequent criterion used in applications is the first one, by having legal residency in Spain uninterruptedly for a specific period, which may vary according to your situation. The standard minimum residency is 10 years, but this is reduced to only 2 years if you are from any Latin American country, Portugal, Philippines, Equatorial Guinea or Andorra or you are of Sephardic Jewish descent. 

Regardless of your origin, you will also be required to accredit good civic conduct and integration in Spain, to have no criminal record either in Spain or in your home country and have all your documentation current.