If I have a problem once I have bought the property, who will solve it for me?

Purchasing property abroad can be challenging in many ways – different languages, cultures, legal requirements that vary from country to country to name but a few. Navigating unfamiliar real estate markets on your own can lead to unforeseen difficulties. Issues that you could have not spotted before buying your new home may soon after become very difficult to ignore. Usually, these are minor inconveniences, but sometimes the problems are significant. So, what can you do if you have a problem once you bought the property, who can solve it for you? 

At Breezom, we want you to have a carefree experience while buying a home in Spain, which is why we only work with professional and reliable architectural studios and pair you with legal professionals in one of twelve working languages to assure you a transparent experience. The solicitors will supervise all the information and paperwork regarding the property and vouch for the interest of the client in case there is severe malfunction after the sale. In Spain, there is legislation in place ensuring that anyone buying a new-build home is covered by mandatory insurance and has the right to claim for any hidden faults and defects, be they structural or problems with finishings related to exteriors, carpentry and new fitted appliances as well as any health hazards that may arise from poor construction. Clear information concerning this should be provided by the developer in the statutory documentation they are obliged to give to the purchaser.