Is a UK driving licence valid in Spain?

If you are planning on driving in Spain for the holidays with a UK licence you will be pleased to know it is still valid after Brexit. You can use your current documents as long as they are up to date but you must bring a valid form of ID and always have your insurance documents at hand. It is also always recommended to have an international driving licence which is a type of permit that allows you to drive in countries where your current licence alone might not be sufficient. You can usually make an application through your local post office, but make sure to check the government website for more thorough information. 

If you want to bring your UK car to Spain permanently, check all the legislation related to importing a vehicle beforehand. You can choose between bringing it yourself or hiring a company to collect your car and bring it to your new place of residence directly. You may 

have to pay emission and import duties which can in some cases be exempted, so make sure to investigate thoroughly. However, the process of importing your car to Spain and changing to Spanish number plates is relatively simple if planned properly.