Is it a good investment to buy a property to rent it out?

Buying property to rent out in the most popular spots on the Spanish Mediterranean coast has brought increasingly attractive returns for many foreign investors. In recent years, visitors have started searching for private accommodation such as apartments, houses or villas to spend their holidays instead of taking a hotel room. You can benefit financially from owning property and renting it out, not only during the high summer season, but almost all year round, due to the mild weather in this part of the country, which attracts both foreign and domestic tourists and long-stay visitors from cooler climes. 

Due to the influx of people staying on the Spanish coast, buying to let is considered safe. This is associated with the low financial risk of acquiring property, but it is also deemed a profitable investment due to the rental income. Even if you do not live in the country, renting out your home has become easier in the past few years, as different companies specialising in rental management have appeared in the market, providing services such as cleaning and repairs. Acquiring property is a sound way to invest your money, as these types of assets tend to increase their value over time.