What are the first steps when looking for a place to live?

If you are interested in finding a new place to live, there are many factors you should take into consideration. Before looking for an actual property, you will need to reflect on what your specific needs and requirements are. Are you moving with a partner? Do you have a family with young children? Or maybe you are looking for the perfect place to retire? All these questions will play a key part in making an informed decision to help you find the perfect place for you! Your desired lifestyle will shape your priorities, but there are some key pointers to take into account.

You should consider all these as a whole, but some might have a greater impact on your final choice. Small town vs. big city is a decisive one. A city can offer you a variety of places to live, with a broader offering in arts, culture, gastronomy, general services, etc. If you are looking for a fast-paced lifestyle this might be the right choice. A smaller town can offer a more laid-back rhythm, surrounded by fewer people but it could also offer a tighter sense of community. Other factors involve the cost of living, closeness to nature and the outdoors, availability of services, education centres and so on. By prioritising and ranking these features, you will get a definition of your perfect location… the next step is to put a name to it.