What is the average price of housing in Spain?

If you are thinking of acquiring property in Spain, you are one of many people from around the world that wish to invest in this beautiful country. This southern European territory has a lot to offer Spaniards and foreigners alike due to its high quality of life, reasonable prices, stunning natural landscapes, beaches and more. Spain is a very welcoming country that opens its arms to a multitude of different nations to enjoy the amazing culture and cuisine. Real estate in Spain is definitely in high demand for residents and visitors, and market prices have risen significantly of late. Recently, the government has also put in place different schemes and regulations to allow people to live and work in Spain to attract new companies such as start-ups and new talent to expand the national economy.

Prices of homes in Spain vary significantly depending on the area, size and kudos of the city or town, if they are located on the coast or near the beach, footages and community facilities, to name just a few of the factors that come into play.