Which UK banks offer overseas mortgages?

Many people look to acquire a new place in Spain for different reasons, as a holiday home, as an investment to rent out, or even as a permanent residence when they are intending to relocate. Whichever option, if you are a British national and are looking to buy in Spain, there are different options you can use to finance your new project abroad.

However you must bear in mind that you cannot use a standard UK mortgage, the one you would use to buy a home in any British city, to buy in Spain. Luckily, there are other financial services banks offer that you can use called overseas mortgages. Many UK banks such as Natwest, Barclays or Lloyds offer international financial services to their existing customers. In addition, international banks with branches in the UK can also grant mortgages specifically to buy property abroad. These offer you different services depending on if you want to buy somewhere to live or if you are intending to buy to let.