Who has to pay the notary fees?

If you are planning on buying a house in Spain, you might already know that there are several costs that you will have to cover in addition to the price of the home, such as taxes, legal expenses which include the notary’s fee and Land Registry Inscription among others. Notaries in Spain are part of the national legal system and their fundamental function is to certify documents to ensure that private agreements, such as the selling and purchasing of a property fulfil specific legal criteria. In the case of home ownership the service they provide is to process a notarial deed with different authorities.  

In this country, you as a buyer will have to incur the cost of this professional service. The fee will depend on the price of the property. Notary fees are largely calculated as a percentage of the value of the property plus additional charges depending on the complexity of the sales contract and other details, however, they are capped by government regulations. At Breezom, our bespoke service can pair you up with a legal team you feel comfortable with in any of our 12 working languages.